My years of training with M. Copin have left me with the memory of a good but demanding man who didn’t just teach me the techniques but also communicated his sense of humanity.

I offer currently three models of violins, entirely handcrafted – two faithful copies of models by famous Cremona masters, Antonio Stradivari (1689 model) and Guarneri Del Gesù (Il Cannone, 1742), as well as my personal model developed over the years.

I also make instruments to order: cellos (Stradivari « Gorebooth »), violas (Stradivari 42 cm), as well as lesser known instruments such as nickelharpas (Norway), rebecs and viols (both medieval European)

The wood I use comes from the best forests of the Vosges and the Jura. My bee glue varnishes dry naturally, free from any artificial process.

I am also at your disposal for replacing bow hair, for partial or full restorations as well as free valuations and quotes.

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